Venture + Advisory

We've already invested in some of the top gaming companies in the world.

Our model is only as strong as the network we build around ourselves. We invest in companies and advise startups who align with our thesis, and provide value to the rest of our ecosystem.

What we invest in

We invest in companies that take big swings, in other words: in companies that we truly believe can change the world and shift entire media landscapes, creating opportunities for the next generation that didn’t exist before. 

We’ve built a curated network of VC’s that span Seed through Series B. Often times, they will bring us highly competitive deals and have an extremely successful track record.

We’ve spent years curating our ecosystem. We welcome brands that can not only benefit from it, but contribute and create opportunities for other members. We like to find synergies with our investments that bring value outside of traditional returns upon an exit. We like to make money with and for our portfolio companies along the way.

companies we invest and believe in

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